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Stein v. Department of Law & Public Safety

Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division

February 6, 2019

LEWIS STEIN, Petitioner-Appellant,

          Argued January 23, 2019

          On appeal from the Department of Law & Public Safety, New Jersey Racing Commission.

          Lewis Stein, appellant, argued the cause pro se.

          George N. Cohen, Deputy Attorney General, argued the cause for respondent (Gurbir S. Grewal, Attorney General, attorney; Melissa Dutton Schaffer, Assistant Attorney General, of counsel; George N. Cohen, on the brief).

          Michael Vukcevich, Director of Legal Affairs, attorney for amicus curiae Darby Development, LLC.

          Before Judges Yannotti, Rothstadt and Natali.


          YANNOTTI, P.J.A.D.

         Lewis Stein appeals from a final decision of the New Jersey Racing Commission (Commission), which denied his petition for the adoption of an administrative rule allowing New Jersey residents to place wagers with New Jersey's Account Wagering System (AWS) while physically located outside the State. He argues that the Off-Track and Account Wagering Act (the OTAWA or the Act), N.J.S.A. 5:5-127 to -160, does not preclude such wagering. We disagree and affirm.


         In 1998, the New Jersey voters approved an amendment to the New Jersey Constitution, which authorized the Legislature to enact "by law, the specific kind, restrictions and control of wagering on the results of live or simulcast running and harness horse races conducted within or outside of this State." N.J. Const., art. IV, § 7, ¶ 2. Thereafter, the Legislature enacted the OTAWA. See N.J.S.A. 5:5-127 to -160.

         The OTAWA authorizes the Commission to issue licenses to the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (Authority) to permit off-track wagering at licensed off-track facilities. N.J.S.A. 5:5-130(a). "Off-track wagering," is defined in the Act, as "pari[-]mutuel wagering at an off-track wagering facility as authorized under this act." N.J.S.A. 5:5-129. "Off-track simulcasting" is "the simultaneous audio or visual transmission of horse races conducted at in-State and out-of-State racetracks to off-track wagering facilities and pari[-]mutuel wagering at those off-track wagering facilities on the results of those races." Ibid.

         The OTAWA also authorized the Commission to issue a license to the Authority to establish an AWS. N.J.S.A. 5:5-139(a). The Authority is defined in the Act as the "account wagering licensee." N.J.S.A. 5:5-129. The Act states that "account wagering" is "a form of pari[-]mutuel wagering in which an account holder may deposit money in an account with the account wagering licensee and then use the account balance to pay for pari[-]mutuel wagers by the account holder." Ibid. The AWS is "the system through which account wagers are processed." Ibid.

         The OTAWA permits New Jersey residents who are at least eighteen years old to establish wagering accounts with the AWS. N.J.S.A. 5:5-142(a). The Act also allows account holders to place wagers with the AWS without having to be physically present at a New Jersey racetrack or New Jersey off-track wagering facility. See N.J.S.A. 5:5-144(e). The account holder may place wagers in person, by telephone, or through other electronic media such as the internet. Ibid.

         Lewis is a New Jersey resident who has established a wagering account with the AWS. It appears that while on vacation in Massachusetts, Lewis attempted to place a wager through his AWS account, but he was not permitted to do so because he was not at that time physically located in New Jersey. On August 18, 2016, Lewis wrote to the Commission and asserted that the Act does not preclude him from placing account wagers through the AWS from outside the State. He requested that the Commission cease enforcing this restriction on account wagering.

         On August 31, 2016, Frank Zanzuccki, the Executive Director of the Commission, responded to Lewis's letter. He explained that "[a]lthough the Act does not specifically prohibit New Jersey account holders from placing wagers while they are outside New Jersey . . . the [L]egislative intent was to create an intrastate wagering system." Zanzuccki noted that since the inception of account wagering in New Jersey, the Commission had "routinely imposed" a condition on the Authority's account wagering license, which precludes the Authority from "knowingly accept[ing] any wager from a New Jersey resident account holder, where that account holder seeks to place such wager while at a physical location outside New Jersey."

         In his letter, Zanzuccki also stated that in November 2015, the Commission became aware of the availability of new technology that allows the Authority to identify the geographical source of an account wager. Thereafter, the Commission imposed an additional condition on the Authority's account wagering license, which requires the installation of "advanced geo-location software and controls" in the AWS. Zanzuccki wrote that the purpose of the software was to "ensure that only intrastate wagers are accepted by the account wagering licensee consistent with the requirements of the Act."

         On February 23, 2017, Lewis filed a petition with the Commission for rulemaking pursuant to N.J.S.A. 52:14B-4(f). As noted, Lewis sought the adoption of a rule permitting AWS account holders to place wagers with the AWS while temporarily located outside the State. In the alternative, Lewis asked the Commission to "declare" that is permissible for New Jersey resident AWS account holders to open wagering accounts with account-wagering ...

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